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The AS350 (Astar) is unrivaled in in its class. It provides a spacious, comfortable cabin with excellent visibility for all passengers. The AS350 has seating for 5 – 6 passengers plus pilot. The AS350BA+ has an endurance of approximately 3 hours and average speeds of 140 miles per hour. The Astar is particularly suitable for external load operations. The AS350BA+ is capable of lifting loads of 1600 pounds.

The AS350 comes fully equipped with the following:

  • 6/7 place intercom
  • Front and rear shoulder harnesses
  • FM radio programmable to customer frequencies
  • Stretcher kit
  • Baggage extender
  • Comfort windows which provide extra rear seat room
  • Canadian Airbus cargo pads
  • GPS
  • Satellite telephone (built in for in flight use)
  • External torque and onboard weighing system
  • Extra large sling window
  • Satellite Tracking System

Optional/Operational Equipment:

  • External cargo baskets
  • Synthetic long lines, remote cargo hooks, nets, straps, and barrel slings
  • Hand held radios
  • Hydraulic Aerial Grapple
  • Infrared Scanning System
  • Aerial Ignition Device
Average Empty Weight2850 lbs
Average Fuel Consumption155 L/hr
Cruise Speed140 mph
Fuel Capacity540 L
Max Gross Weight - external4988 lbs
Max Gross Weight - internal4961 lbs
Seating5-6 passengers plus pilot