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We strive to develop and maintain active Quality and Safety Management Systems.

These areas include:

  • Flight Operations
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Quality Assurance

Risk Analysis

The Risks associated with remote field operations can be minimized dramatically through simple and controlled pre-planning and risk analysis. Risk Management is a big part of our day-to-day operations.


Proper and complete training is an integral part of providing a safe and competent service. Pilots are provided with an annual training program which involves ground and flight training provided by Airbus Canada.

Maintenance personnel are involved with numerous training programs, including annual re-current training and human factors.

Certified maintenance personnel hold factor TC Approved Engine and Airframe Certificates.

Automated Flight Following

All of our aircraft are equipped with a state of the art satellite based flight following system. The “Sky Connect” System provides updated position reports including heading and altitude.

The reports are issued every minute while in mission mode. The same system provides phone and text messaging services. Aircraft in the field are continuously monitored by a trained flight follower.

Aero-Dyne Helicopter Performance Monitoring System

Aero-Dyne records all the data that relates to the operation and performance of the aircraft’s engine. This data is collected once every minute the aircraft is in operation.

When linked to the aircraft’s Sky Connect System, it will inform the operations centre of any “Alarms” that may occur during flight time. This relay of information is performed regardless of aircraft location and the data can also be downloaded at any time to ensure engine reliability.

This is just one of the many additional safety measures Forest Helicopters has incorporated to help keep flight operations safe and reliable.