About Us

Forest Helicopters has been offering a safe, reliable, and efficient helicopter service since 1997. Our first base opened in Kenora and has since grown to four operating locations throughout Northwestern Ontario and Nunavut. With a dynamic team of professionals and premium rotary wing aircraft, we provide a wide range of specialized helicopter services. 

Our AS350 operating fleet is supported by a large inventory of spare parts for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. Include our reputation for safety, quality maintenance, and exceptional customer service, you can be assured that we will exceed your helicopter needs.

With a pilot average of 10,000 flight hours you can count on our team to have the knowledge and capability to deliver in the most demanding environments. 

We look forward to flying with you. 

Our Services









Power Line & Utility

Forest Helicopters continues to provide Northwestern Ontario with scheduled and unscheduled power line services. Flying near wires leaves little margin for error; those who need dependable support in such situations put their faith in us.

Wildfire Suppression

Forest Helicopters has a fleet of fully equipped aircraft for each aspect of wildfire suppression. Our pilot proficiency extends beyond the baseline requirements for air crews and demands in-depth knowledge of fire behaviour, logistical support, and tactical applications such as aerial ignition. With decades of aerial fire fighting experience, we understand and appreciate the hard work and dedication required in such a service.

Mining & Exploration

Forest Helicopters has been pivotal in exploration mining for over 20 years. Our expertise within this sector has led to the discovery of valued mineral deposits in the most inaccessible regions of Canada. Our reputation for precision drill moving is preceded by our commitment to an unparalleled standard of safety.


Forest Helicopters supports numerous government and indigenous agencies in their pursuit for ongoing wildlife and ecological management projects. Our central Canadian headquarters allows us to partake in a wide variety of studies from fish and wildlife, water quality, and soil remediation.

Search & Rescue

Forest Helicopters is on call for emergency response throughout Northwestern Ontario and Eastern Manitoba for both medical evacuation and search and rescue missions. We are proud to work alongside the Ontario Provincial Police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police in addition to EMS and local health officials. Our emergency support extends to camps and work sites in remote locations, with the philosophy that safety starts on the ground.

Aerial Construction

Forest Helicopters is the aerial platform solution for every remote construction project. Our pilots specialize in precision long lining and relieve the arduous labour required to place beams, set trusses and move building materials alike. With our expertise, the efficiency of any job site can be maximized to exceed the expectations of any client.

Aerial Filming

Forest Helicopters is here to meet the demands of any film requirement. From a single aerial photo to a full-length feature film, we have the angle and the experience to get it done just right. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your cinematography dreams.


Forest Helicopters offers beautiful sightseeing tours of the picturesque cottage country on Lake of the Woods. With a variety of flight packages to choose from, the opportunities are endless. Contact us today for more information or to customize a tour that suits your needs.

as350 series aircraft

Our Fleet

Forest Helicopters operates a fleet of six fully equipped AS350 series aircraft. The AS350 A-Star is unrivalled in its class, providing a spacious comfortable cabin with excellent visibility for all passengers. The AS350 has seating for 5 passengers plus pilot. Each aircraft is equipped with Honeywell  Sky Connect® Tracker systems allowing continuous position data, text and phone call capabilities in flight.

Specialized Equipment

We equip our fleet beyond the recommended standards of safety and continue to re-evaluate our fleet to move towards new aircraft that incorporate additional safety features.

  • Firefighting Equipment – Water buckets to aircraft specific capacity
  • Aerial Drip Torches – Wildfire management and log pile burning
  • Premo AID – Aerial Ignition
  • Fixed Float Landing Gear – Landing on water
  • Utility Baskets – 300 pounds at 25 cubic feet
  • Medical Evacuation Kit
  • Concrete Pouring Bucket – ½ yard capacity
  • Long Line Equipment – Broad capabilities and applications
  • High Visibility Crew Doors
  • VIP Configuration Seating
  • USB Charging Ports
  • Bose Noise Cancelling Headsets


At Forest Helicopters safety has always been at the forefront of our operations. This is reflected by our staff, equipment, and policies.

Safety starts with our people, and our training is reflected by that. By investing in our employee’s health and knowledge, we invest in our clients, equipment, and future. All pilots and engineers undergo re-current training on an annual basis. In addition, we take the opportunity to train with third parties at Airbus, and Utilities/Aviation Specialists.

The functionality of our helicopters and equipment will remain paramount to our operations. While being diligent with regular maintenance we strive to exceed the standards set out before us. We outfit our aircraft with the latest aviation approved technology and make communication and tracking instantaneous.

We are constantly trying to improve our standards and operation. Our Safety Management System and Emergency Response Plan is revised annually as we continue to seek improvement and clarity in our policies set forth. We take advantage of internal and external audits in the pursuit of developing exceptional safety standards.

Partners in Safety​